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Great design!

Design-wise, I'm a big fan of KISS, and you have applied it perfectly. I can compare the pen to wide range of things I admire for exquisite simplicity in performing their function...from the simple paper clip to the crown guard of a Panerai to a Shelby Cobra.

- Ron Barsamian

I cannot count the number of colleagues that have commented on the pen

From expensive pens to cheap disposable pens, when writing is your life you realize how your pen is an extension of your body and soul. I do not mean to oversell the Webson-Gill Fountain Pen, but it flows and writes as well as my Mont Blanc without the constant fear of breaking it. I have come to rely on this pen as I research, make edits, or just jot down ideas.
The power of the pen lies in the balanced weight, smooth and reliable strokes, and most importantly—the perfect fit ink cartridges that mean less chance of running out of ink when busy writing. I cannot count the number of colleagues that have commented on the pen, then order one for themselves who have had the same reaction. If you are a seasoned fountain pen user, you already understand what I am talking about. But, if you are new—you cannot go wrong with this pen. Order it, order the actual Webson-Gill Ink cartridges, and you will understand what it means to lose yourself in your writing and the pen becomes part of your creative process.

- Andrew Martin

Love their fountain pens

This pen writes beautifully and comes in an equally elegant case. This makes an excellent gift for any writer and it comes with a full set of instructions for those not familiar with fountain pen ink replacements/etc. It arrived after two business days and in pristine condition. I highly reccomend the Webson-Gill Captain Edition fountain pen.

- Pamela Aguilar



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